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Crazy campus


The desire to know who Liza's father was grew stronger. He is such an excellent person that he can move the arrogant Xinyu and win the favor of Xinyu. What is even more incredible is that he made Xinyu give birth to Lisa at the age of 19 and take care of her daughter for four years without complaint or regret. What on earth is this guy thinking about letting the intelligent Xinyu and the lovely Lisa live alone in Munich! If they left their mother and son for those bullshit reasons. I really want to catch him, push him to the ground and beat him up. I held the cup tightly as if I had the guy's smelly face in my hand. Cut! The cup cracked a large fragment in my palm, and the black tea flowed silently down the gap and all over the table. Have you been scratched? Xinyu hurriedly stood up from his seat and pulled me to the kitchen to wash his palms. She looked at my palm and carefully washed the wound for me. "It's all right, just a little cut.". Don't move your hands. There may be broken glass in the wound. Be sure to clean it carefully. I looked down at her and let my palms run between her hands. My hands were washed by the water, and I felt cold, and my heart was cold. Accustomed to being a single mother, even such a small wound is taken seriously as if facing a formidable enemy. Maybe in her mind, there's no difference between treating me and treating Lisa. Make breakfast for Lisa, and make one for me. Clean the room for Lisa, and clean the room for me. Take Lisa out to play, and take me.. "The wound is very small and does not need to be bandaged." Xinyu let go of my palm and went back to the living room to clear the table. I followed her back to the living room and watched her busy. The quality of these cups is so poor that they are easy to crack when the temperature is high. Xinyu complained as she put the residue of the cup into the trash can. She didn't know that I had broken the cup, and I wasn't going to explain. From buying cups and vegetables to cooking and cleaning, Xinyu undertakes the big and small things at home, which makes her a little exhausted. It happened that she was a neat freak, did not trust others to manage the household,shuttle rack system, insisted on not hiring servants, and did everything herself. Lisa's father, that damn guy, doesn't he know how hard Xinyu is. It's better to ask the person directly than to make a wild guess. Although it's impolite, some kind of emotion drives me to do so. Just as he was about to ask Lisa about her father, suddenly there was a loud noise from the apartment opposite. Chapter 19 "Daughter's Birthday" Xinyu went to the window and looked at the opposite side for a moment. "It seems that someone has moved into the opposite apartment." As soon as she finished,pallet rack shelving, there were several screams from girls across the way. Xinyu smiled and said, "It's noisy. It's probably driving mice away." She has a cold nature and doesn't like to meddle in other people's affairs. Drive away mice.. I saw Qin Qin's panicked eyes when she heard the word "mouse", thinking that maybe the mouse was driving her away. Xinyu put on her coat and said, "Lin Tian, go and call Lisa out. Let's go to the amusement park." If you are an ordinary person, you will visit your new neighbor out of politeness, but Xinyu's indifferent expression shows that she has no such intention. In the past, when there was an old couple living opposite, Xinyu had never been in contact with them. Xinyu's way of doing things is similar to mine: I don't want to trouble others, and I don't want others to trouble me. Walking into Lisa's room, medium duty racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, I found that the well-behaved Lisa had already changed into a beautiful dress and was ready to go. It turned out that she had been changing clothes in the house just now, waiting for us to take her out. I arranged Lisa's collar and led her out of the room. Under the strict discipline of Xinyu, four-year-old Lisa has to dress herself. Fortunately, Lisa is smart enough to learn to dress. [Silver Fox Book Bar · TXT Novel Download Paradise — Silver Fox $# $Book Bar ^ WWW. Foxshuo. CN] Out of the door, Qin Qin happened to take the waste in the apartment outside and saw us. Lisa raised her hands high. "Daddy, I want you to hold me." Xinyu pretended to be angry and stared at Lisa: "You are so old, but you still want your father to hold you.". Wait here for Mom. I'll drive. With that, Xinyu took out the car keys I was familiar with and went to the garage. As soon as Xinyu left, Lisa tugged at the corner of my clothes. "Dad, Dad, I want you to hug me." She acted like a spoiled child, and I had no choice but to bend down and pick her up. Looking up at the opposite side, Qin Qin had already entered the room. This guy must have been so surprised that he thought I was a student just now, but he didn't think I was the "father" of a child. Xinyu drove the Mercedes over, and I held Lisa in the passenger seat. Mom, drive faster! Drive faster! Catch up with the car in front! The excited Lisa pointed fingers at her mother, and there was no peace for a moment. The warm sunshine shone through the window, everything was shining, and the golden bell hanging in the car made a clear crash. In a good mood, everything changes, even the leaves outside the window are particularly green. Xinyu's eyes looked intently at the front, and the outline of the whole side face was sprinkled with a golden mist by the sun, which made me a little dazzling. The silky hair is like a winding stream, covering the white skin of Xinyu, but it still makes the translucent earlobes and silver linear earrings stand out and attract my attention. The car suddenly stopped and Xinyu turned to look at me. "Here we are." Always quietly watching Xinyu, suddenly hit her line of sight, for a moment, I was a little flustered. But it was only for a moment, and Lisa's cheers relieved my embarrassment. Xinyu and I walked in the amusement park, each holding Lisa's warm little palm. Lisa is clamoring for ice cream, and Xinyu makes an exception to allow it, which makes Lisa cheer again. Riding the roller coaster together, Lisa screamed. I turned to look at Xinyu beside Lisa. Instead of screaming crazily, she showed a rare smile. Her long hair was thrown behind her, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the excitement of speed. Sure enough,push back racking system, she was a different woman. After the roller coaster, I played several exciting projects. Tired of playing, I simply ate while walking around the amusement park.

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