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Magic Johnson 'joins Josh Harris' bid to buy Washi…


is reportedly teaming up with billionaire NBA and NHL team owner Josh Harris in his attempt to purchase the NFL's .
The pair linked up last season when Harris was looking to buy the .

Johnson was welcomed to the group for the ultimately unsuccessful bid.
Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, long embroiled in several controversies and accusations of an abusive work environment and financial improprieties, is looking to fetch $7billion in a potential sale of the team.

In October, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said there is 'merit to remove' Snyder.

Though, the report suggests owners do not have the requisite votes to force  to sell his club.
Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is looking to fetch $7billion in a potential sale of the team
 Snyder has reportedly barred Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from placing a bid on Commanders
Such a move would be unprecedented in the NFL, and require the votes of 24 out of the 31 other owners. 
Snyder enlisted Bank of America to explore a potential sale of the team last year, but it remains unclear if he intends to close a deal, and if so, if he's willing to sell the entire club or a minority stake. 
According to the Washington Post, Snyder wants a contract from the NFL or the prospective buyer of the Commanders to indemnify him. 
ESPN reported February 9 that FBI and IRS agents are investigating claims that Snyder took out a $55m loan without the knowledge of his then-minority partners.
After years of disputes, Snyder bought out minority owners Dwight Schar, a home construction executive, Black Diamond Capital CEO Bob Rothman, and FedEx founder Fred Smith in the spring of 2021. 
The trio had previously filed an injunction in hopes of being allowed to sell their 40.5-percent stake of the team, which Snyder ultimately purchased after the NFL approved a debt-limit waiver, allowing him to take out a $450m loan from Bank of America.
Recently a federal grand jury issued subpoenas related to team finances, Latest News according to ESPN. 
The former minority partners had reportedly demanded an NFL investigation into the alleged $55m loan during a confidential arbitration hearing, but at least one source with knowledge of the proceedings told ESPN that Schar, Smith and Rothman believed league commissioner Roger Goodell and general counsel Jeffrey Pash sided with Snyder.
If Snyder did take out the $55m loan without informing his now-former minority partners, it would have violated the team's shareholder agreement, according to documents obtained by the AP. 
The NFL did not conduct any investigation into the loan, and Snyder has never been penalized over the financial misconduct claims. 
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