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Establishing and putting ethical standards into practice for the correct values

We share the corporate philosophy formulated by our board members in compliance with our company's management principles while respecting the order of the free market as well as the principles of fair trade. Along with the highest ethical standards, we promote our corporate values by carrying out management activities in all countries in compliance with the local regulations. By doing so, we strive to achieve mutual prosperity with our stakeholders. We promise to actively practice ethical standards and standards for the correct values that all employees should comply with

Ethical standards
  • 1. We prioritize building customer confidence and achieving customer satisfaction.
  • 2. We do our best to increase the investment value for our stockholders and investors.
  • 3. We make every effort to improve the quality of life of all our employees while respecting their human dignity.
  • 4. We pursue mutual prosperity with cooperative firms, achieved through mutual confidence and trust.
  • 5. We take the lead in developing a robust industry while respecting the principles of free competition.
  • 6. We contribute to preserving the environment and the robust development of our society and our nation.
  • 7. We conform to the corporate philosophy; therefore, we uphold all of our responsibilities and related roles.
Application of ethical standards
  • 1. Our ethical standards apply to the company, its investors, and all of its members. The company strives to promote its corporate ethical standards to its stakeholders and encourages them to practice them as well.
  • 2. The members are obligated to make a promise to comply with ethical standards; and when members have any questions about their application and interpretation, they should consult the head of the ethical-management department and seek their advice.
  • 3. In the event that a member violates ethical standards, it is handled according to company regulations.
  • 4. The executive member in charge of ethical management is entitled to enact and enforce "guidelines on practicing ethical standards" if he or she considers it necessary.
  • 5. The executive member in charge of ethical management is entitled to establish and enforce "regulations on ethics" by discussing them with the head of operations in the related branch to consider the characteristics of the business.
  • 6. The company establishes and operates a committee on ethical management serving as the deliberative body. The detailed regulations are separately defined.


Maximizing customer satisfaction 3s

Jangwon Tech Co., Ltd. pushes ahead with 3S activities : Service Mind, Speed of Business Transaction, and Standardization Realization, with the purpose of maximizing the impression of customers; as a result, we believe, we can live up to customer expectations and demands with the best products and become the best company in the industry.

  • Achieving advanced qualityBy improving the quality assurance of developed/manufactured products, advanced quality is achieved, and this develops the activities to reduce COPQ.
  • Establishing a quality systemAll activities related to manufacturing are systematized and a thorough system for warning measures is established.
  • Zero defective productsQuality-assurance activities are conducted for the positive impression of our customers and for zero defective products.


Prioritizing the environmental aspect.

Jangwon Tech Co., Ltd. has become an environmentally friendly company that does it best to minimize the environmental impacts of all the activities, products, and services of the whole organization by taking responsibility for the environment in its corporate management activities so as to enjoy a healthy life in a comfortable environment with local residents.

  • 01.All members comply with all environment-related regulations (domestic laws, international agreements, RoHS, corporate standards)
  • 02.Training and educational programs are conducted for all employees to raise their environmental awareness
  • 03.The company carries out continuous activities on improving the environment by mapping out a detailed promotion plan annually and setting goals for minimizing our environmental impact.
  • 04.The company establishes a management system for environmental preservation to comply with the environment-related regulations and to be aware of demands from customers.
  • 05.The company establishes a scientific and effective integrated environmental management system (EMS) to prevent pollution as well as risks caused by harmful factors and to continuously reduce environmental impact.
  • 06.The company encourages cooperative firms to pursue environmentally friendly management by providing the environment-related policies and regulations as required.


Since its establishment in 2000, Jangwon Tech Co., Ltd. has flourished thanks to continuous efforts to develop new technologies and perform intense innovation. Jangwon promises that it will uphold all of its responsibilities as a leading company in the field of IT components in the international market.


Jangwon Tech Co., Ltd.
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